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An installation is something which you envision in a specific place and which can be permanent or moveable.  An installation allows you to create something unique for your home, office, garden, or public building.  You and the artist might take into consideration the surroundings, various textures, and colors.  Custom installations range from wall pieces, chandeliers, sconces, and table tops to something outdoors in the garden.  We work with both local and national artists and the nature of the project to determine who we would recommend.

Please contact us via email or phone with any questions you might have.  Let us use our knowledge and relationship with many different artists to let your ideas come to fruition. 

People approach installations in different ways.  Some deal directly with the artist and the artist's ideas.  Others work with a designer, usually if they are working with decorating a space and want the main focus to be an installed piece of art.  Some create their own artistic idea and work with others on the more technical side.  Here are some artists and artwork of Carlyn Galerie and the different approaches taken in creating wonderful installations.

Glass Artist: David Keens
Neon by: Don Bell
Installed by: David Keens
Place: University of Texas at Arlington teachers lounge and restaurant

David is a glass artist in the Dallas area.  As an artist, he looks at different potential spaces and then comes up with ideas and creates drawings for that particular space.  This particular installation is made up of rondels or plates and sheets of slumped glass.  The wall has rondels grouped up to the ceiling.  Behind and between these rondels are the sheets of the slumped glass which gives the installation movement, depth, and variety.  The ceiling uses the same slumped glass with accents of color from the neon along the sides.  The two installations work together beautifully and transform the room into an almost surreal atmosphere.


Glass Artist: Vitrix
Designer: Lynn McKinney
Location: William Carr Salon

People work with designers to obtain a certain look, to make tasteful changes, or to completely redesign a room or house!  Designers usually come up with several ideas and have resources and connections so the client is not burdened with the task of finding the perfect piece or solving technical problems.  Several different designs, artists, and pieces which could all be possibilities. 

This specific designer, Lynn McKinney, worked between William Carr Salon and Carlyn Galerie.  She gave us different colors swabs used in the Salon and chose to use the Vitrix wall platters to use on the wall above the sinks.  We then worked with Vitrix in New York on specific colors and sizes for all five wall pieces.  And it looks beautiful.


Glass Artist: An assemblage of several different artists
Designer: Bernie Atwater
Electrician: Michael Pace
Technician: Jeff Blair

Some people innately have an artistic eye and know when they see a piece of work that it will fit perfectly into their scheme.  Bernie Atwater had an idea for his house to make a suspended glass ceiling with various glass pieces resting on the glass.  He began collecting glass which had an aquatic look from Carlyn Galerie and other sources.  He began talking with technician Jeff Blair and electrician Michael Pace.  Together they came up with the exact design and shortly thereafter installed it.  This beautifully lit installation hangs from the ceiling in his entry way and creates a spectacular welcome into his home.

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