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Corporate Gifts

What a wonderful way to honor employees or especially valuable volunteers.  Giving a corporate gift is a direct reflection on your corporation or institution; that is why quality and beauty are so important.   Business associates appreciate receiving unique, handcrafted gifts made by talented American artists.  Some examples of corporate gifts could include a logo, school mascot, special engraving - we can see that it’s done for you in excellent taste.  Some of our artists can custom create for you specifically.  We are the liason between you, the client, and the artist.  Please call us or email us concerning your
specific needs.  Here are some unique one of the kind gifts or some ideas of gifts which you can personally create.


For awards or a beautiful gift from the company, this paperweight with the company logo shows class, uniqueness, and quality.  The company logo can be placed in the middle of the piece or along the borders.  There are endless possibilities of pieces, colors, and styles for etching. 

Letter Openers

This is a gift for the desk or the home.  A letter opener is a classic and useful gift.  Letter openers are available in many different styles and materials.  Made by Carrol Boyes and Patrick Meyers.


A vase can be a piece of art on a mantle or desk.  A wonderful gesture of appreciation.

Heart Rattles

These heart rattles are symbolic and meaningful.  They come with a card which reads:

“American Indians have long used rattles during ceremonies to ensure blessings upon their crops.  Use this rattle to help rattle some rain into your life, some rain out of your life, to help rattle your worries away, or just to keep your papers from blowing away.”

By J. Davis.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are wonderful gift to capture momentous occasions.  From weddings, birthdays and newborns to company picnics, parties, and celebrations, a picture frame can hold wonderful memories.  By Jennifer Adair.


For seasonal gifts, a symbol of growth or a spontaneous gesture, these beautiful pumpkins are a great desk item or gift to bring home.  By Jack Pine Studios.

Desk Accoutraments

For the practical gift, these business card holders, and sticky note holders are a great office gift.  These are a fun and unique desk ornament.  By Me2u and Berni.


Glass paperweights are an excellent gift.  These paperweights in particular are exquisite.  Paperweights are a smaller item in size, but they hold substance and are eye catching.  The detail of colors and pattern make this smaller piece a masterpiece. By Philabaum.


These little figures come with stories which describe their pose.  From “Celebration” perfect for an awaiting mother, birthday, or event to “Attitude” when an individual or group is being extra positive, supportive, or just a way to say thank you for being who you are. By Schmidt Rhea


The CELEBRATION piece was designed for those times and events that require nothing short of throwing up your arms and celebrating


With everything that life puts before us, achieving balance is not always easy. Play as hard as you work, be still as often as you are busy and give as much as you receive.



To have a friend you must be a friend. Friends applaud your success, accept your failures, listen with an open mind, and speak with an open heart. The treasure of friendship is invaluable.


Whether it's expressed in the words you use. Or the way you walk, the right attitude can open doors and enhance your way of life as well as those of the people around you. It can exclaim, ‘here I come’ or ‘you’ve made it’ ! Attitude is everything.

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